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Economy All Shikoku Tour

Sightseeing >> All Year Round >> 270,000JPY (Adult Price)

The Economy All Shikoku tour takes you to the principal sights in each of the four prefectures of Shikoku, using public transport. Our knowledgeable English or Chinese-speaking guides will show you the best that Shikoku has to offer, combining sightseeing with entertaining participatory activities.

Over the course of the six days, you'll visit castles, beaches, spas, gardens, and markets. You'll see the whirlpools of the Inland Sea, and float through the Ōboke Gorge. And you'll learn to make noodles and perform a traditional dance.

This tour is an excellent introduction to Japan's least-known island.

Muroto and Aki Guided Tour

Culture >> All Year Round >> 76,000JPY (Adult Price)

Muroto is the peninsula in the southeast corner of Shikoku, and Aki is a town that represents its western gateway. The whole area is a Geopark, meaning that it's a geologically and historically significant place.

On this tour you visit temples and caves associated with Kōbō Daishi, founder of the Shikoku Pilgrimage; the picturesque birthplace of the founder of the Mitsubishi group; the old streets of Kiragawa, and many other fascinating places.

Our guide will present you with a wide menu of options, and you can chose which activities and experiences are best for you.


Kōchi Prefecture occupies the southern half of Shikoku, facing the Pacific Ocean. It can be reached from Honshū only by road and rail through the other prefectures of Shikoku. There's also a ferry link to Kyūshū from Sukumo. As part of the Ohenro Shikoku Pilgrimage, Kōchi is the second prefecture that pilgrims visit.

Facing the Pacific Ocean, Kōchi is a great place to enjoy unspoiled beaches, surfing, fishing, sea kayaking and whale watching. The local specialty, katsuo no tataki, is made by taking a side of bonito tuna, lightly searing it over burning rice stalks, and serving it sliced thickly with garlic and sudachi juice. The people of Kōchi are known for their love of sake and other strong drink.

For the three days and nights of the Yosakoi festival in Kōchi, the streets of the main cities are filled by thousands of dancers in colorful costumes who dance behind trucks carrying live musicians.

Explore this fascinating area of Japan with Shikoku Tours.


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