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Regional Focus: Niihama

A fascinating city where industry, nature, and tradition make their presence felt.


Central Shikoku on the Seto Inland Sea


Bordered to the north by the Inland Sea and to the south by Mt. Ishizuchi, Niihama contributed to Japan’s industrial revolution through copper mining. The city’s industrial heritage remains in a vibrantly restored natural environment.


Industrial archaeology, museums, a Zen monastery, Shinto shrines, an island, a festival, a sake brewery


Hotels, ryokan, guesthouses

Regional Focus: Niihama

Niihama City in Ehime Prefecture is a bustling industrial city of 122,000 people on the north coast of Shikoku. Although its Inland Sea shoreline is dominated by Sumitomo factories, there are many scenic areas such as Takinomiya Park and Yamane Park.

Attractions of Niihama include Minetopia Besshi, Ehime Science Museum, Hirose House, Zuiō-ji Temple (twice visited by the Dalai Lama), hiking in the nearby mountains, shopping at the massive Aeon Mall and the intense Taiko Festival held every October.

In the Middle Ages, Niihama was the base of the Nii Clan, one of the kaizoku maritime clans of the Inland Sea area. The name of the city means the beach of the Nii.

During World War II, POW camps were located in Niihama, housing Australian, Chinese and Dutch prisoners.

Niihama is bordered by Saijō to the west and Shikokuchuo to the east. In the mountains far south of central Niihama is the border with Kōchi Prefecture.

The island of Ōshima, in the Inland Sea to the northeast of the city, is part of Niihama.

Cycling and Hiking

Niihama is ideal for outdoor activities and active tourism. We’ve prepared cycling and hiking routes using the Ride with GPS application. You can use this data for a self-guided tour, or contact us for a custom tour incorporating these routes.


Besshi Line Loop Ride

This varied route starts in Niihama with a good hill climb up the side of Mt. Higashi-Akaishi on the Besshi Line road, followed by a long descent beside the beautiful Dōzan River. It returns to Niihama along the Sanuki Kaidō, a little-known road that was originally the route taken by pilgrims heading to Konpira Shrine.
To the Ride with GPS ride.

Distance: 81.6 km, Altitude difference: +1,810m, -1,814m


Besshi Copper Mine Hike

A good day’s hike from Hiura to Otoshi through the fascinating ruins of the old Besshi Copper Mine. To the Ride with GPS hike.

Distance: 8.4 km, Altitude difference: +416 m, -1,029 m

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