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Best of Shikoku Taxi Tour

5 Days

This tour takes in all four prefectures of Shikoku in five days, visiting the most well-known sights. You might imagine that the popular places will be crowded, but Shikoku is a big place and even the famous spots can be enjoyed in peace and quiet.

You visit castles, gardens, temples, and shrines. You get to commune with nature, and eat fresh produce in local markets. There are opportunities for learning and hands-on experiences in museums and workshops.

We stay in a variety of accommodation, including onsen ryokan and modern hotels. Each of the prefectures has its own culinary culture, and you can enjoy a range of different food and sake. You can read more about the Shikoku food in our blog post, A Guide to Shikoku Cuisine. For sake, see Shikoku Sake.

Who is this tour for?

This tour is for those who like to travel with a guide and a small group of like-minded people. It’s for people who want to find out what Shikoku is all about without spending a full week doing so. The tour makes a good introduction to Shikoku (and Japan for that matter). Some of the attractions can only be accessed by walking up steep slopes or steps, so you’ll need to be reasonably fit. The onsen ryokan accommodation has ensuite toilets and baths, but if you want to use the public baths, you need to be OK with getting naked with strangers.


Prices shown are per person

With 2 people: ¥488,000
With 4 people: ¥299,000
With 6 people: ¥258,000

Accommodation is 1 room for 2 people. Additional charge for 1 room per person: ¥60,000

Day 1 :

The tour starts in Matsuyama with a visit to Matsuyama Castle. After enjoying the view from the top of the keep, we drive to Uchiko. Here we explore the fascinating Uchiko-za Theatre with its wooden stage machinery and the palatial former home of a candle merchant. From here, we drive south to the great Shimanto River, where we stay at a ryokan.

Day 2 :

Today we take a covered boat and glide over the reflective water of the Shimanto River. We stop to walk over some of the picturesque submersible bridges that cross the river at intervals. Then we visit the pretty port town of Kure with its nostalgic fish market where we eat lunch, before visiting a local sake brewery to learn about brewing and to enjoy a tasting. At Ino on the Niyodo River, we learn about the traditional craft of papermaking, and the modern uses of washi paper. We end the day in Kōchi, at the lively Hirome Market where we select from a wide choice of local dishes and sake.

Day 3 :

Our first stop is Katsurahama Beach on the Pacific Ocean with its statue of Sakamoto Ryōma gazing into the distance. Then we visit pilgrimage Temple No. 31, Chikurin-ji, set in a beautiful Japanese garden. Next, we head north into Tokushima where we take a boat through the Ōboke Gorge and walk over the swaying vine bridge of Iya Valley. We stay at an onsen perched on the valley slope with a fantastic outdoor onsen.

Day 4 :

From Iya, we drive through the mountains to Kotohira in Kagawa, to climb the many steps up to Konpira Shrine. We make our own lunch of udon noodles, then head to Ritsurin Garden where the samurai lords of Takamatsu once took their leisure. Here we enjoy tea overlooking the lake. Our accommodation is a modern hotel in Takamatsu.

Day 5 :

The big tabletop mountain visible from Takamatsu is Yashima, site of a pilgrimage temple and a battle in the ancient Genpei War. After enjoying the sights and views of Yashima, we drive to Naruto and take a boat out into the whirlpool under the Naruto Straits Bridge. Then we head to Tokushima city where the tour ends.


  • Private vehicle
  • English-speaking guide
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Basic insurance

Not included

  • Travel to and from Shikoku
  • Drinks
  • Comprehensive personal insurance
Are there vegetarian options?

Not really. Japanese cooking is based on fish stock, and the Japanese love their fish and meat. On this tour, you stay in traditional Japanese accommodation that is proud of its cuisine, especially the fish. For breakfast and dinner, it is possible to ask for ‘largely’ vegetarian food, but no guarantees are offered. You can generally find vegetarian options for lunch, but with limited choice.

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Best of Shikoku Taxi Tour
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From ¥488,000
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