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Tenshaen Garden

A beautiful garden created for the relaxation of the lord of Uwajima Castle.

Tenshaen Garden

Tenshaen Garden is a beautiful traditional Japanese garden southwest of Uwajima Castle. It was completed in 1866 as a place of relaxation for the 7th lord of the domain, Date Munetada, who lived to an advanced old age. He used the teahouse called Harusametei for practicing calligraphy overlooking the pond formed in the shape of the kanji character for ‘heart’.

Besides the pond, this mid-sized garden has various rock features, pines and several stands of bamboo which recall the sparrow and bamboo crest of the Date clan. Many types of flowers blossom throughout the year, most notably the white wisteria that hang from a curved bridge over the pond. 


Name in Japanese: 天赦園
Pronunciation: ten-sha-en
Address: 1 Tenshakoen, Uwajima, Ehime 798-0065

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