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Kinryō Sake Museum

A fascinating museum about sake brewing, located on the approach to Konpira Shrine.

Kinryō Sake Museum

Although Kagawa has the fewest sake breweries of Shikoku’s prefectures, it’s home to the most comprehensive sake museum. The Kinryō Sake Museum is situated on the main approach to Konpira shrine in Kotohira, one of Shikoku’s must-see locations. The buildings themselves are beautiful, and in the courtyard there’s an 800-year old camphor tree. 

Kinryō began brewing in 1779, making it one of the oldest surviving sake breweries in Shikoku. Originally, its sake was shipped to Edo using the same logistics used for shipping Shikoku’s indigo to the capital. Today, Kinryō sake is enjoyed more locally.

In the original and authentic brewery buildings, life-size models and mixed media make it easy to learn how sake is made. There are fascinating displays of old-fashioned brewing tools and many examples of the elegant flasks and cups used in earlier times. After exploring the museum, you can enjoy a sake tasting.

The museum is free to enter and it’s open year-round. Don’t miss it when you visit Kotohira.

A couple of stops up the Dosan Line is the currently operating Kinryō Tadotsu brewery, where you can take a guided tour with a reservation. Please let us know if you want to tour the Tadotsu brewery.


Name in Japanese: 金陵の郷

Pronunciation: kinryō no sato

Address: 623 Kotohira, Nakatado District, Kagawa 766-0001

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