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Asuka no Yu

Matsuyama’s new hot spring facility, built in the architectural style of the Asuka period.

Asuka no Yu

This entirely new hot spring facility is built in the architectural style of the Asuka period of Japanese history (538 to 710). Like the Honkan, there are various grades of luxuriously outfitted bath and lounge, all decorated with local crafts featuring motifs characteristic of Ehime. There’s even a replica of the Imperial bath from the Honkan which you can use (for a price).


Unlike the Honkan, there’s actually a rotenburo, a bath located outside with a little garden next to it. Also, for those determined to maintain their modesty in the bath, if you pay extra to use the special room, you can wear a yukata-like garment in the water. It comes included in the price.


Between the Tsubaki no Yu and Asuka no Yu bathhouses is a pleasant plaza with a garden of camelias, a fountain that puts on little shows on the hour, and benches. The large stone inscription is said to have a been words of praise from Prince Shotoku (574–622) who visited Dogo.

“The sun and moon shed light on people equally. In the same way, this divinely-created hot spring comes from beneath the ground, and gives all people benefits equally. Bathing in this hot spring and recovering from illness would be as if a man or a woman fell in a pond with lotus flowers in Paradise, or a person of innately weak character could become enlightened.

I see a lot of camellia flowers surrounding this hot spring and making a round space above, through which I see blue sky. The red flowers of the camellias like precious jewels look very beautiful with the green leaves, shining in the sunshine. The camellia flowers and buds are hanging down towards the water. I want to have a peaceful and leisurely time under the camellias.”


Name in Japanese: 飛鳥乃湯泉

Pronunciation: asuka no yu

Address: Dogoyunomachi 19-22, Matsuyama, Ehime

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