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Spiritual Experience on Mt. Tsurugi

Tsurugi Shrine Shinto priest (2)


Prayer at Tsurugi Shrine and easy Shugen hiking on Mt. Tsurugi

Mt. Tsurugi, the second highest mountain in western Japan, is one of the centres of mountain worship in Shikoku. A chairlift provides easy access to a point a short walk from the summit.

In this experience, you gain an understanding of Shugendō without undue exertion. The priest of Tsurugi Shrine offers a prayer in the main hall of the shrine, and you can get a vermillion stamp to remember the occasion. The tour also includes a relaxing hike around Mt. Tsurugi, visiting the huge Tower Rock and ascetic training sites.

As an option, you can have a picnic lunch at the Meoto Pond at an altitude of 1,500 m. The lunch features organic vegetables grown locally in the Iya Valley.

The tour is 5 hours long


Day 1 :

Assemble and disperse at the Mt. Tsurugi chairlift station


  • Guide/interpreter


  • Lunch

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Spiritual Experience on Mt. Tsurugi
From ¥36,000
/ Adult