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Spiritual Experience at Yokomine-ji Temple


Experience an esoteric Buddhist Blessing at Hoshigamori and Yokomine-ji Temple

Mt. Ishizuchi is one of Japan’s seven sacred mountains. At Yokomine-ji Temple in the foothills of Ishizuchi, the young Kūkai practiced Shingon esoteric Buddhism 1,250 years ago. Due to its location deep in the mountains, Yokomine-ji is considered one of the most difficult pilgrimage temples to reach.

In this experience, a priest from Yokomine-ji Temple leads you on a walk to Hoshigamori, a sacred site where Kūkai performed the star ceremony to open people’s hearts and ward off evil. Then there’s a prayer service in the main hall of the Yokomine-ji Temple.

The tour is approximately 60 minutes long.


Day 1 :

Assemble and disperse at the temple.


  • Guide/interpreter

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Spiritual Experience at Yokomine-ji Temple
From ¥60,500
/ Adult