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Spiritual Experience at Chūgū Jōjusha


Experience a Shintō ritual at Ishizuchi Shrine to become one with God

Mt. Ishizuchi is one of Japan’s seven sacred mountains. It’s an ancient site for nature worship where the practice of blowing conch shells is at the heart of Shugendō, a religion combining Shintō with Buddhism with physical austerities. Shugendō has been practised for more than 1,300 years at Ishizuchi Shrine.

In this experience, you take a gondola up the mountain to the Jōjusha Shrine where you participate in meditation and a prayer service in the main hall. After a purification ceremony, you worship the three statues of Ishizuchi with the priest and receive their power.

The tour is approximately 60 minutes long, including an 8-minute gondola ride and 20-minute walk.


Day 1 :

Assemble and disperse at the temple.


  • Guide/interpreter

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Spiritual Experience at Chūgū Jōjusha
From ¥72,600
/ Adult