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Sakura Uzumaki Brewery

A Meiji-period brewery set among bucolic rice fields.

Sakura Uzumaki Brewery

Sakura Uzumaki is located in Hōjō, the northernmost part of Matsuyama. It sits next to the Tateiwa River whose banks are lined with cherry trees that blossom in spring. Nearby is Kunitsuhikomikoto Shrine. The Shinohara family were originally priests at the shrine, but they began brewing sake in 1871, shortly after the Meiji Restoration.

The brewery itself comprises a Meiji period part with a brick and iron chimney, and Shōwa period concrete parts.

In 1951, the company was renamed Sakura Uzumaki Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. The brand name came from a nearby mountain that the family owned which was a famous spot for cherry blossom. In addition, the third generation of the family enjoyed reading a serial novel in a newspaper entitled “Uzumaki”.

In 1959, the company obtained a shōchū manufacturing license. So Sakura Uzumaki has a history of producing shōchū for more than fifty years.

Sakura Uzumaki is committed to brewing using the groundwater from Mt. Takanawa which overlooks the brewery, and local varieties of rice grown in the paddies that surround it


Name in Japanese: 桜うずまき

Pronunciation: sakura uzumaki

Address: 71 Hattanji, Matsuyama, Ehime 799-2424


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