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Kyouwa Brewery

A friendly, family-run brewery in the pottery town of Tobe.

Kyouwa Brewery

Kyouwa Brewery is located in the pottery town of Tobe. It produces sake under the brand name ‘Hatsuyukihai’, meaning something like ‘the first cup from the snows’.

The brewery thrived before WWII, but was closed down during the war. It was restarted only in the 1950s. Today it’s run by a brother and sister team and some local help. The family welcome visitors and have refurbished some of their old warehouses as a café serving some of the brewery’s non-alcoholic products and cakes made with the side products of sake. There’s also a fascinating display of antique brewing equipment.


Name in Japanese: 協和酒造

Pronunciation: kyōuwa shuzō

Address: 400 Ōminami, Tobe, Iyo District, Ehime 791-2132


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